Yunga or yungas is the mountain forest region that runs along the eastern slope of the Andes from Bolivia to Argentina. This territory, together with the Misiones jungle, only occupies 2% of the Argentine territory but contains 50% of the diversity of the country's flora and fauna. This ecoregion is made up of high altitudes: montane jungle, montane forest and high altitude grasslands. These, in turn, have different characteristics of both vegetation and animals that inhabit it, such as the jaguar, at risk of extinction, as well as other felines such as the margay or the ocelot, and deers, coatis, tapirs and honey bears, to mention just a few.
For more than 10 years, the Ledesma company has been preserving 100,000 hectares of native forests in Jujuy. Together with the ProYungas Foundation, it developed a Land Management Plan, the first in Argentina, by which it protects two out of every three hectares of its own in its natural state, and we monitor its fauna and flora.


Our Center is part of the educational tourist circuit of the Yungas, also made up of the Calilegua National Park, the Cacique Calilegua Regional Museum of Visual Arts and the Museum of the City of Libertador General San Martín. 

Proud guardians of the natural and cultural biodiversity of the Yungas region, we promote sustainable tourism by supporting companies and entrepreneurs linked to products such as tourism for the observation of flora and fauna species, the appreciation of art and expressions of popular culture.

Agro-industrial production in harmony with the natural environment is possible.



This interdisciplinary collaboration project among Ledesma, ProYungas Foundation and the Municipality of Libertador General San Martín Was launched in 2020 and has been frequently developing tree planting activities with people from the community, as well as tree care and related training workshops for neighbors. It also has IT applications as the ARBÓREA APP in place to recognize and record different plant species in the region.

“A Tree for My City” aims to involve the community in the reforestation and care of trees in Libertador General San Martín, where Ledesma Agro-Industrial Complex is located.

The project also collaborates with improving urban environmental quality, mapping trees and detecting emblematic ones, increasing urban tree stocks and enhancing biodiversity boosting conditions.


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