Ledesma Visitors Center

Ledesma Visitors Center was founded in November 2008, in the same year of the Company’s centenary and is located in Libertador General San Martín, province of Jujuy, Argentina.

Since its opening, the Center has played a critical role in consolidating strong bonds with the company and the community. It is a private, non-for-profit organization open to the community as a whole.

In a very agile tour, our museographic script describes the main productive processes that the company Ledesma has been carrying out since 1908.

Every year, we develop a cultural agenda including visual arts exhibitions, theatrical and literary presentations and musical-evening events.

Our social commitment is also evidenced by the actions we take to promote the culture of work, sustainable development and environmental protection.

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Our Center is part of the Yungas educational touristic circuit, also including Calilegua National Park, Cacique Calilegua Regional Museum of Plastic Arts and Libertador General San Martín Museum. 

As proud guardians of the Yungas natural and cultural biodiversity, we promote sustainable tourism by supporting businesses and entrepreneurs fostering services linked to wildlife watching, art appreciation and expressions of popular culture.

Our museographic script outlines amazing audiovisual resources showing how agro-industrial production works in harmony with our natural environment.

Where are we located?

This is a map of Libertador Gral. San Martín,
Here you can find our Visitor Center.

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A Tree for my City

"A tree for my city" collaborates with the improvement of urban environmental quality, carries out tree mappings -detecting emblematic trees-, increases the urban trees and improves the conditions for biodiversity.


Ledesma Visitors Center has an educational script in place adaptable to different educational levels. This way, our interactive room “The adventure to Know” and the productive processes’ didactic modules are comprehensive and valuable resources to complement the visit of primary school or kindergarten level students to the Center. 

We also have guided-tours programs in place for secondary, post-secondary and university level visitors, focused on the specific interests of each academic subject or institution. This is possible thanks to Ledesma team of experts of different productive areas, who complement the visit with talks and lectures on specific topics.

Teachers updating and training courses is another of our main lines of work within the frame of the program focused on improving the quality of education.


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Ledesma Visitors Center is Yungas regional leading institution in cultural activities in northwestern Argentina. Our annual plan of activities is always nourished by proposals submitted by artists in the region and in the province of Jujuy, and it also embraces activities with renowned nation-wide artists who submit their projects when our annual free call is opened.

Every two years, we also conduct Ledesma Visual Arts Award and Ledesma Collection Award including sixteen of the most representative works of Jujuy contemporary art.

Through our cultural outreach program we work jointly with other institutions and organizations within the community, and we are therefore a member of the Network of Provincial Museums. This way, we are able to disseminate cultural activities in different areas of the region, reaching a greater number of people of different ages and with different interests.

The Ledesma Visual Arts Award is the oldest and most important biennial competition in the province of Jujuy. Its objective is to encourage the expression and artistic practice of local children. It grants the winning participants the admission of their selected works to the Salón Ledesma collection.

Do we organize your visit to the Center?

For educational visits, fill out the On-Line form and book an unforgettable experience.
Do we organize your visit to the center?
For educational visits, fill out the online form and book an unforgettable experience.